His Wife Is Tired Of His iPad Obsession, And Him! Her Solution Is Amazing

By NewsRoom24 on November 17th, 2015 / Views
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In this creative French commercial titled “Emma,” this man has decided to embrace new technology and put old paper in the past.

He continually stresses his point to his wife and son until he finds himself in a very awkward situation where technology is not going to help him.

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First place he’s stupid as hell, you have to learn that toys are just toys to make our lives better!!!!!!!! it’s like driving a car, sometime i just love to walk, computers should be a part of our lives not control them. use the tools that you have to make life better not a living hell!!! enjoy the rain, a small child’s smile, a cold beer, the way your wife smells after a a shower, a warm fire on a cold day, a walk on the beach barefooted!!!! it’s the little things that make up out lives, toys just help us to have more of those precious moments!!!!!!!!
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