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David Cameron Resigns to become a Writer

By NewsRoom24 on December 19th, 2016 / Views
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David Cameron does not want any distraction while writing his book. And Says Brexit negotiations are boring.
According to close aides, Cameron prefers to write and read about his own glories and triumphs than read numerous documents on Brexit process. And also reported having said Brexit negotiations are boring compared to the stories he has to say. We can expect a new Harry Potter-like book soon from David Cameron. He is reported to have said he does not want any distractions. He is reportedly enjoying his newfound freedom to write at his own leisure. One thing is for sure, it will be a thriller. It is based on his own life. He is coming up with the idea which was thought through during Brexit talks. With immediate effect he rendered his resignation as Prime Minister to follow his dream as a writer. As we all know David Cameron is a leader and never a back bencher and does not want to become a glorified typist for the Brexit negotiations. Let us hope he will stop with one book and returns soon to what he knows best, spending taxpayers money.
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