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Chimpanzees to Train GP Receptionists

By NewsRoom24 on December 21st, 2016 / Views
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The government, as revealed, plans to introduce training by certified chimpanzees. As we all know Chimpanzees are known for the hostile looks and scare tactics.

A Government official, who does not wish to be named, has told us that research has revealed that chimpanzees are the best trainers. Those who have participated in this experiment with the chimpanzees are heard saying that their employment prospects as gone up drastically.

“I can’t believe my luck. How I cannot thank the chimpanzees enough. Many job offers are inline after the training” said one trainee, Miss.Nice

Chimpanzees are said to follow a course plan of hands-on training. Training includes grunting, throwing stuff with precision, scribbling in most ineligible language, walking around in a lazy manner and getting agitated on asking for any information.

Days are gone, when receptionist used to have a pleasant and helpful personality. This new attitude has been reported to reduce the waiting time.

“Now I go to local GP only if it is life threatening.” said a patient. GPs are hearing both supporting and criticizing the new reforms.

The chimpanzees will not be contacted for comments. They are rounded up from disorderly conduct by their handlers. We hope to reach them at later date.

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