Spiders to Go On Strike

By NewsRoom24 on December 22nd, 2016 / Views
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Spiders are threatening to go on strike against the mass killings and destruction tactics used.

“We have planned a nationwide strike against the atrocities being done to us. The government and people are out to exterminate us. They have specially appointed people called exterminators to aid them in this injustice.” said Mr.Gaz, the spokesperson for AESA, All England Spiders Association.

Various Animals Rights groups have pledged their support towards the strike.

“We will be expanding the strike to various other nations too. And we will be sending a spider to represent us in the UN summit to make people aware of our problems. There is no need to scream when you see a spider. We too have the right to live. Street dogs who are known to kill human being are being protected from termination in various part of the world. There dogs are given more importance than people. We too need to be protected.” said Mrs. Dalli, President of AESA.

The Rats are also planning to join in the protest for justice.

“We are also facing many similar problems.” said a rat on condition of anonymity.

“Hope all of you will sympathize with our cause and give us your never-ending support”. said Mr.Gaz

“We will be converging in front of the House of Commons to protest.” said Mrs. Dalli

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