“I am always in the shithouse” KIM KARDASHIAN

By NewsRoom24 on January 9th, 2017 / Views
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“We should be allowed to change, edit and replace our tweets. I am always landing in the shithouse of my tweets. I should be allowed to change my tweets. I have personally written to Jack Dorsey.” said Kim Kardashian.

It has been reported that Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, is researching the feasibility of edit button in the twitter.

“Edit button is a must. It will help the world leaders, celebrities and idiots like us to change our statements from time to time. We make major tweets without any thought at the time with major problems.” said Kim Kardashian.

It’s a known fact how damaging a thoughtless tweet can be. Especially when used by leaders and celebrities. An EDIT button can be blessing for the politician who is always changing their statements. Soon, they hope to be able to change their tweets too.

Dorsey is seen to tweeting for suggestions from people. And a lot of people are supporting the move.

Lets us hope our dear leaders and celebrities will soon be able to change their tweets. Also, let us pray to God to give them brains enough to avoid make stupid comments and avoid problems.

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