Who has more IQ? Trump or a Chimpanzee?

By NewsRoom24 on January 9th, 2017 / Views
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It is official now. The chimpanzees have more intelligence than Mr. Trump.

According to the latest research by Dr William Sphere and team, chimpanzees have proved have more IQ than Mr Donald Trump.

“We chose Mr.Trump and chimpanzees as test cases because of their close behavioral patterns. We tested the chimpanzee in many situations similar to that faced by Mr.Trump. We found that chimpanzees made better decisions compared to Trump. The chimpanzees presented with better IQ too. We found that the chimpanzee was a better leader than Mr.Trump. We mean no offense to Mr. Trump. Our chimps were just better. We also found that the learning ability of the chimps is much better than Mr.President-elect. And chimpanzees are also much more open to suggestions.” said Dr. William Sphere.

We have not yet been able to contact Trumps office for a comment. We hope you will appoint better staff to advise you on various decisions and you will stop mouthing off people just for the sake of it.

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