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By NewsRoom24 on January 10th, 2017 / Views
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China has flagged off a freight train to London meant to strengthen trade but in reality, it is their new attempts to flood the London market with cheap Chinese products.

China is looking to make some bucks at a time Britain’s relationship with various European countries are shaky due to Brexit. The Chinese were always very shrewd businessmen.

Their biggest market was India and they are looking to find newer markets to offload their Chinese products. In name of strengthen the trade with various European countries, they started to this new train route.

China has always been a producer country whereas Britain has become a consumer country. The Chinese are trying to convert more and more countries into consumers.

With China becoming a major exporter of goods and have control of more trade routes and a say in all that is happening in all the countries. More and more countries are becoming depended on China for the goods.

China in the first phase would to transporting luxury goods to London. From now onwards ‘MADE IN CHINA’ is going to rule more products across Britain. China is definitely on its way to becoming world Superpower.

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