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Funerals are turning exotica…

By NewsRoom24 on January 10th, 2017 / Views
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Funerals are turning up the heat.

Imagine you are going to a funeral all sober and wearing black. At the funeral suddenly a flash mob breaks out with loud music and cocktails are getting service. Reactions would vary from angry to amusement.

Well, in Taiwan, a politician was given an exotic funeral procession. His funeral procession consisted of 50 pole dancers on open jeep tops giving the mourners and passers-by an eyeful. The said politician was said to be a very social and jovial person. His relatives wanted to give him a fitting farewell. The politician was said to have demanded pole dancers for his funeral procession in a dream after his death, revealed his brother.

“I had a dream in which my brother said he wished for pole dancers at his funeral.” said his brother.

And everyone was in for a treat when his family members decided to have pole dancers and giant puppets.

He definitely went off in style. He has set off new trends in funerals, reminding us that there is more to life. Hats off to his family for their effort. Thank you for a reminder that ‘Life is Beautiful’ and to enjoy it.

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