World leaders are puppets created by China

By NewsRoom24 on January 10th, 2017 / Views
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After flooding the markets with Chinese products, now china is filling the world politics with spineless and stupid leaders.

It is all a conspiracy to prevent any country other than China from becoming a super power. There are many examples. Just look around you. Theresa May of UK, Donald Trump of the USA, Narendra Modi of India and the list is endless. Even Fidel Castro was assassinated very carefully to cause problems.

It is common knowledge that  China wants to become a superpower. And they are planting shreds of evidence to point to Russia to cover their tracks. China is known for their cyber capabilities. They even captured a US drone and it is speculated by the CIA that they decode all the data from it and have uploaded software to snoop into US database.

All the present day elections were rigged by Chinese to elect the leaders whom they know won’t bring any progress their respective nations.

Just look around and you will see many such examples. We all are sitting ducks. It is just a matter of time. BEWARE.

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