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‘No Trousers On The Tube’ Day now an Annual International event

By NewsRoom24 on January 11th, 2017 / Views
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On the first Sunday of the new next year look out for fellow commuters on the tube in underwears.

First Sunday of every new year for the past few years is being celebrated as ‘No Trousers On The Tube’ day, which started as a prank by a few tube buddies in New York in 2002, has caught the fancy of many commuters around the world.

This year hundreds of commuters joined in the annual event.Commuters from all walks of life stripped out of their trousers. This silliness bought a smile to many commuters. All the commuters have taken this initiative with an open mind.

All the participants had stripped down and commuted on the tube in their undies as if it is a normal occurrence to walk about in their underwear.

The organizers have said that they got some great reactions out of the people and a laugh out of many. And also it helped people to notice things around them, to make eye contact.

The organizers have extended their invitation for next year to all the commuters. Let us all bring back some silliness and light-hearted moments to our boring lives.

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