England cricket team to practice with school teams

By NewsRoom24 on January 16th, 2017 / Views
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Due to the team’s consistently poor performance, the management has decided that the team need a much-needed morale boost with a few wins. Their only hope to achieve some wins is to play with middle school students. The team is confident that the can win against school students.

“We hope after getting some much-needed practice they can move on to play with high school level. We are very confident we can win at least a few wins. This will give a boost.” said Mr.Trevor Bayliss, team’s coach.

The management as decided to follow a three step process to try to bring up the team from their present dump. As the first step, the plan is to start the team on playing catch with the kindergarten level. The KG pupil has better fielding and bowling skills than the cricket team. The second step is to develop the team’s batting skills. For this, the plan is to take the help of middle school cricket teams. As the final step, the management plans to conduct matches between the England Cricket team and high school level teams.

“We are sure we can turn the England cricket team around to be winners.” said a representative for ECB.

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