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Controversial President planning to ban smoking!

By NewsRoom24 on January 18th, 2017 / Views
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For once it’s not Donald Trump! It’s another controversial grabbing the headlines this time, and actually not for a bad reason.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced surprising plans to ban cigarettes in Russia, starting with everyone born after 2014! How about that for a turn out?

At the moment fewer people smoke in Russia than ever before, with national statistics showing that only around 31 percent of the nation are smokers, in comparison with the UK being around 19%.

Cigarettes in Russia are already far cheaper than in the UK with a packet of Marlboro Reds costing just £1.10, but if you were thinking of moving to Russia to grab those cheap cigs, and were born after 2014, that might be off the table!

Feature image – Credit VeteransToday

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