Mind Boggling new function on Google Maps!

By NewsRoom24 on January 19th, 2017 / Views
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Without google maps, many people would find getting around the UK and especially Cornwall very hard, with it’s maize like country lanes which often end up in dead ends or at a scenic cliff. But it has it’s faults, like when it gets us to a place, there is never anywhere to park!

But, alas, google has obviously been to Cornwall and listened!

A new, very useful feature has been added into the latest beta version of Maps, v9.44.0. When you search for directions to your favourite place, it now includes a parking availability status as well, along with standard time and distance estimates.

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The chance of find a spot to park is separated by the app into categories such as ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Limited’.

When parking data is added to Google’s existing user tracking, the new parking feature could become even more focused and might even allow you to know exactly where you are able to park.

It also seems that Google are trying lots of different new things in their beta apps having recently added a feature that provides live information about how busy public places are, so users can check when a restaurant’s peak times are and see how busy it is before visiting, no more being turned away from restaurants?!

What more could we ask from Google!? Well, I can certainly think of a few things…. Can you?

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