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PHOTOSHOP remains the most effective WEIGHT-LOSS METHOD

By NewsRoom24 on February 1st, 2017 / Views
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A study carried out by the Department of Lardology at Oxford University looked at most major weight-loss methods including the Atkins diet, the D-Plan diet and Crossfit, and concluded the fastest and easiest way to lose weight quickly was with digital editing software.

Photographs of people after two months of diet and exercise showed ‘significantly less’ weight loss and muscle gain than someone after only a few hours of Photoshop.

“It was remarkable,” said lead researcher Dr Simon Williams.

“There was a striking difference in the Facebook pictures of people who’d been given a Weightwatchers subscription for Christmas compared with someone who’d got a copy of Photoshop CC.

“Sometimes those differences become apparent within a matter of minutes.”

“What’s even more incredible is that using the P-Plan diet, as we called it, people could carry on eating whatever they liked but their pictures posted online continued to show a marked loss of body fat and increased bone and muscle density over time.”

Researchers also noted that most people using regular diet and exercise regimes failed within months, those who used Photoshop would keep at it for years with barely any slips.
Photoshop dieters also performed significantly better on dating sites.

“It’s a breakthrough in human physique technology,” Dr Williams told us.

“With the P-Plan Diet, the people who only see you on Facebook need never know what a hefty sod you really are.”

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