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By NewsRoom24 on February 1st, 2017 / Views
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Zac Wills, aged 13 of Oakshire, spent four hours painstakingly hacking into the Department of Health’s website last night. He surreptitiously placed a false national alert on the news section, which preys on his parents’ love of Brexit and suspicion of all things foreign.

The teenager’s fake newsflash warned shoppers to beware of a dangerous consignment of sprouts which has been imported into England from Europe.

According to the fake newsflash, the vegetables were categorized as potentially lethal. They were reported to contain a high level of toxin due to neglect by farmers.

The official Government advice for consumers is to throw any suspicious vegetables away immediately.

When asked how he managed to hack into the Department of Health’s website, Wills commented that it wasn’t all that all that difficult.

“It was a lot easier than hacking the emails of the Democratic Party in America, which thankfully the CIA seems to think was carried out by Russians,” he chuckled.

Master Wills is confident that the fake news would work in favor and he can get out of eating those “horrible stuff”.

“My mom and dad have long suspected the Europeans would try to murder us after voting to get out the EU. This is will drive them crazy. All the more fun for me. ” Wills added.

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