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By NewsRoom24 on March 25th, 2017 / Views
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If you love your child strong and it is close to your heart, it is possible to keep it closer to your heart by having made into a beautiful piece of jewelry. Tasarim Takarim, an artist, takes your child’s creation and uses it as a template for creating jewelry for you to wear.

In many houses around the world, there is a special box of keepsakes from when our children were very young. They are drawings they have created, and they tend to get filed in the box when they are no longer hanging on the refrigerator. These drawings are something that we cherish, so we care for them for a lifetime.

Something that is interesting about children’s drawings is that it truly helps us to have perspective. When we look at something that our child has put down on paper, we often wonder at their ability to see between the lines, and to create something unique and beautiful.

The two individual artists are from Turkey. One is a painter and the other, a sculptor and goldsmith. Both of them have worked with children to help them express themselves through creative design.

Their studio is located in Istanbul, but they will ship internationally. Once you see the fantastic work that they do, you are certain to want one of these creations for yourself.

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