Absolute Zero F**ks Given By These 15 Animals

Us humans spend a fortune trying to teach our pets how to behave correctly, but at the end of the day some of them just can’t seem to shake off their animal instincts.

So if you have a pet dog or cat, or any other type of domesticated mammal that doesn’t do as it’s told and misbehaves a lot, relax. Things could be a lot worst. Here’s a collection of animals both domesticated and wild that really don’t give a shit…

1) This chap was supposed to be learning how to swim. He decided that floating would be better…

2) Nobody better mess with this chicken…

3) Get off the god damn concrete I’ve just laid!

4) The cat that doesn’t care if you’re sick…

5) Cow gives zero f**ks here…

6) Yeah, that’s it mate….make yourself at home!

7) Tell you what, you have that basket…I’m taking yours!

8) Zero f**ks given on this rainy day…

9) What other seagull? I can’t see another seagull?

10) Give me my god damn bed back!

11) I’m fine honestly…just keep driving!

12) Flew through window breaking glass, trashes the whole house and shits on everything, then laughs as he’s being escorted out of property…

13) Dog gives zero f**ks that owner wants him to move…

14) Sheba prefers to ride a tortoise than walk…

15) You’ve let yourself go a bit Mr Biggles…


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