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Nothing To See Here Except Baby Goats In Jumpers Learning To Jump…

By NewsRoom24 on April 20th, 2017 / Views
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Have you ever watched 1 day old baby goats trying to jump? How about 1 day old baby goats learning to jump in actual woolly jumpers? I know…crazy or what. But, meet Gershwin, Butterscotch, Marigold, and Bruno from Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine.

In fact, they aren’t even 1 day old yet, so we reckon by tomorrow they’ll be experts!

Why are they in jumpers you ask? The owner explains:

“We dressed them in sweaters last night because it was pretty chilly for newborns, but also Rhubarb [the goat mother] is not sure the white and tan one is hers so we tried to disguise him in a darker colour! She seems better about it and let him nurse a ton which is great.”

The great thing about Sunflower Farm is that they have a ‘No Cull’ policy, which means these little cuties can live out their days in peace and quiet and never have to worry about ending up on someone’s plate.

The farm plans to start yoga classes that allow visitors to connect with the goats. Wonder if we’ll see any of them on Britain’s Got Talent?

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