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Do you know anyone who could be vulnerable to avocado-related injuries?

By NewsRoom24 on May 13th, 2017 / Views
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The nation’s favourite soft green fruit is under fire – not for the first time – concerning the health and safety of those who prepare it.

After several reports recently suggesting the nation was on the brink of a widespread shortage of the fruit and criticisms over the amounts of fats involved, all was finally well for avocado enthusiasts.

Their peace was short-lived, however, after doctors in the UK have supposedly dubbed an injury ‘avocado hand’, affecting mainly those who prepare avocados.

We’ve all been there, full of excitement for the brunch and subsequent Instagram post ahead, when we’ve come across a pesky stone that refuses to pop out voluntarily. With the cutlery drawer practically worlds away, you opt for the knife that you used to half the avocado in the first place, in the hope to manoeuvre the stone out.

Nine times out of ten, you’ll wiggle your way to freedom, but at what risk?

It seems that this can result in a multitude of stab or slash wounds, leading to serious damage to nerves and tendons, some of which require surgery.

Simon Eccles, secretary of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and former president of the plastic surgery section of the Royal Society of Medicine claims to see about four patients a week in regard to an avocado-related injury. He said: ‘People do not anticipate that the avocados they buy can be very ripe and there is a minimal understanding of how to handle them.’

The Times reported that in extreme cases, patients never regained the use of their hands.

Worry not, avocado-lovers, there is no need to avoid the fruit or remove guacamole from your weekly Mexican Thursdays fix. Pass on this message to fellow enthusiasts, and through increased awareness of the dangers of avocado preparation, together we can combat related injuries.

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