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MUST WATCH: New Skittles Advert is Totally F****d Up

By NewsRoom24 on May 13th, 2017 / Views
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Skittles are well known for creating whacky adverts. If you’ve seen the one with the Giraffe being milked for Skittles you’ll know what we mean. But their latest offering has possibly got the be the strangest and freakiest advert we’ve ever seen.

The advert which was released on Mothers Day in the US, depicted the love between a Mother and Son. But rather than go down the sweet and touching route, they decided to go somewhere totally different. Whoever thought of this one needs specialist help. See for yourself:

Yeah, i know! Starts off OK right? Then you get slapped round the face with the shot of the umbilical cord that’s still attached to the two of them. It’s enough seeing the guy who looks like something from ‘The Hills Have Eyes’, let alone that.

The ending with that creepy laughter, with the son saying “I miss Dad” then just tops it off. What did you think of it?

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