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We Want Wonkey Donkey! Ant & Dec Confirm SM:TV Live Revival

By NewsRoom24 on May 15th, 2017 / Views
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There have been many a rumour floating about in the entertainment world, that TV’s favourite duo, Ant & Dec are planning to do a one-off revival of SM:TV Live.

For the younger readers, this was a classic Saturday morning show that wasn’t just for the children, it was undeniably great for parents who may have had one too many large merlot’s the night before!

Those who had a soft spot for co-presenter, Cat Deeley, can rejoice in the knowledge that the Geordie pair did previously state she would be involved, with the showing more than likely airing next year, at some point, marking the show’s 20th anniversary.

Speak to journalists at the BAFTAs last night, Dec said: “We’ve had discussions about it, and it looks like it’s gonna go ahead – not this September, but next September.”

“Next August/September,” Ant added. “We can’t have the same studios, unfortunately, but we’re getting the team back together, and we’re gonna have a bit of fun!”

The duo reiterated that it would definitely be on a Saturday morning, and they’re aiming for 9:25 am, joking that it was the earliest wake-up call for them in ages.

The first airing of the show was back in 29th August 1998, meaning that the closest Saturday morning to the exact anniversary would be September 1, 2018, so hedge your bets on it being on that date or possibly the week before, on Saturday, August 25th, 2018.

Mark it on the calendars!

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