25 ‘MUST KNOW’ Tips On How To Pack Your Luggage For Your Summer Holidays

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You can’t beat the feeling of getting ready to go away for your summer break. The only thing you might not be looking forward to is the packing. I know I don’t. So, with summer around the corner and lots of people getting ready to go on their holidays we’ve come up with 25 packing hacks that will help you save some space in your suitcase. Enjoy:

Clothes And Shoes

1: Twist your padded bra or bikini top and tuck your underwear inside. This will save space whilst also ensuring that the bra keeps its shape.

2: Roll up a belt and put it inside your shirt collar. A rolled up belt helps keep your shirt collar stiff.

3: Role your tie or scarf around an empty toilet paper roll. Helps fight wrinkles. For extra protection, slip the role and tie/scarf into a small plastic bag.

4: Pack your light-coloured clothes inside out. Fold light-coloured garments inside out to prevent them from getting stained by darker items.

5: Pre-plan and pre-pack your outfits. Pack your daily outfits in separate bags and you will save precious time trying to decide what to wear.


6: Invest in a multiple USB charger. That way, you can charge all your gadgets at once, even with a limited number of plug sockets available.

7: Stash your cords and chargers in a sunglasses case. Multiple cords tend to get tangled up with each other and the rest of the luggage. The case keeps them both organised and safe.

8: Pack your hot hair tools in a pot holder. The pot holder is heat safe so you will not need to worry about packing the tools while warm.

9: Fold tablets or e-books in thick jumpers. Take advantage of the protective qualities of your clothes.

10: Store your digital camera in a soap case. A perfect hiding place for your camera. It also protects it against scratches from surrounding items.


11: Fill your compact powder case with a cotton pad. The cotton will help protect your makeup from cracking.

12: Store your lotions in a contact lens case. A perfect space saving tip for those travelling light. The small quantity of liquid also allows you to store it in your carry on luggage.

13: Secure sunscreen bottles with clingfilm. Unscrew the bottle top, wrap in clingfilm and screw the top back on. This helps prevent any spillage, even if the lid pops open.

14: Used 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner to use half the space. If you are travelling light, you can fill up a couple of TSA proof containers and bring in your hand luggage.

15: Put a binder clip over your razor. The clip helps preserve the sharpness of the blade and helps protect you from getting hurt.

Sports Equipment

16: Make your own ‘stiff arm’ to protect your golf clubs from¬†damage. Use a broomstick and a tennis ball. Ensure the stick is taller than your driver and place in the middle of your golf bag for maximum protection.

17: Store your hiking shoes in shower caps. Protect your luggage from muddy shoes by keeping them in shower caps.

18: Store your ski goggles and mittens in your helmet. The helmet not only protects your goggles from scratches, it will also save valuable space.

19: Pack your heavy equipment in the bottom of the bag. With heavy items at the base, the weight is distributed more evenly and luggage is easier to roll or carry.

20: Lay your scuba-diving/snorkelling fins across the top of your bag. This will provide extra protection for your belongings.


21: Wrap your bracelets in two sheets of plastic film. This will keep them from tangling, getting damp or lost.

22: Thread your necklace through a straw. This will prevent your jewellery from getting tangled and knotted.

23: Use buttons to hold earrings together. Keep your earrings from getting lost by inserting them into the holes of a button.

24: Organise jewellery with a pill case compartment. Perfect for storing rings and earrings

25: Clip your rings on carabiners. This useful tool will help prevent them from getting lost

Now you’ll be able to pack your holiday luggage like a boss. Be sure to pass these tips around to your friends and family, and if you have any other hacks that you think we could add to this list just drop them in the comments section below!

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