This Is What Happens When A School Bully Picks On The Wrong Kid

By NewsRoom24 on May 16th, 2017 / Views
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Sometimes certain people get what they deserve in life, like this high school bully for instance. In the video below you’ll see a student from the US throw a punch at a smaller pupil in a packed corridor.

You can see the lad in the black t-shirt taunt the other pupil who is quite shorter than him, and then they both appear to walk off. The lad in the black t-shirt then moves in front of his classmate and attempts to punch him in the face.

Big mistake, because the small guy is stronger than he looks and grabs the lad, picks him up and then body slams him hard into the ground knocking him clean out.

The 26 second video was filmed somewhere in the US and has notched up over a million views since being put up on Youtube¬†on Friday last week, and it’s unclear how seriously injured the boy is.

What do you think? Did the lad in the black t-shirt deserve what he got?

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