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By NewsRoom24 on May 16th, 2017 / Views
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Yep, you read it correctly, there’s a trailer for The Emoji Movie in anticipation of the release of the animated movie, coming later this year.

We’re not sure which emoji to use, after seeing what the movie has to offer, but if you’re an 8-year-old kid, or have children yourself, then this will surely be on the list of things to watch this summer! The idea, and some of the characters; sorry, emojis, are pretty funny, but we’re not sure that this one will entice grownups at all.

This is the first teaser for The Emoji Movie was released in December and saw the Meh Emoji (Steven Wright) trying hard to hide his excitement at the film coming out:

The Sony Pictures Animation centres around the friendly Gene, voiced by Deadpool’s TJ Miller, who just can’t stick to a single expression like his fellow emoji friends.

This leads to an awkward moment where a boy can’t get the emoji he wants, so he threatens to get rid of his phone which will, somehow, destroy Emoji Valley, where Gene and his pals live, for good.

So, with the best buddy Hi-5 (James Corden) and hacker Jailbreak (Anna Faris) by his side, Gene sets off on an adventure to the Cloud to find his one expression and be crowned saviour of Emoji Valley in the process before the phone gets thrown away.

Catch Gene and his buds travelling through real-life apps, including Spotify and Candy Crush, on his quest to be a regular emoji. Do you think he’ll come around to believing that it’s alright to be different by the end of the movie? *rolls eyes*

It also gave us a first look at the Poop Emoji, which is genuinely being voiced by the legend that is Sir Patrick Stewart.

The Emoji Movie is directed by Igor’s Anthony Leondis, who has also worked on the likes of The Prince of Egypt, The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride and short animation Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters.

The first UK viewings will be in cinemas on 4th August… We bet you can’t wait!

Watch the second trailer, here:

Videos and image courtesy of SonyAnimation/YouTube.

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