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UK unemployment figures released: Over 50,000 back in work. 1.54 million out of work. Just 4.2%

By NewsRoom24 on May 17th, 2017 / Views
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The results mean the UK have more people in work as a proportion of its population for the last 42 years since June to August 1975. Currently at just 4.2% of the working population out of work.

A positive boost for the economy and the trend has gone against many who predicted a rise in UK unemployment immediately after a BREXIT vote.

Unemployment percentage comparison – France, Uk and Germany

Germany has enjoyed a steady fall in unemployment since 2009 while the UK has seen a fast fall in unemployment since 2012 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing. France on the other hand has seen an increase in unemployment over the last 10 years and has seen a leveling at around 10% of the working population.

Many believe that France hasn’t seen the benefit of being in the EU and blame this (in part) for the rise of the far right. Emmanuel Macron has strong views on integrating the EU even further and is reported to be concerned that Germany seem to be doing so well when others are struggling, one of his plans is to balance wealth in the EU with some not yet announced proposals. He has an uphill battle and if he doesn’t deliver over the next 5 years we could be seeing an ‘EU backlash’ with anti EU parties and populism continue to rise.

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