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You Won’t Believe How Much the Cash Me Ousside Girl is Being Paid on Tour

By NewsRoom24 on May 21st, 2017 / Views
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We all remember Dannielle Bregoli, who rose to fame on Dr Phil with her famous phrase ‘cash me ousside, how bout dah?’

The interview didn’t hold her in the best light, granted, but she struck a chord with the internet and the videos and remixes that ensued were nothing short of fantastic.

At just 13, she had achieved what many others can only dream of. She was the star of her own meme.

Since then, she’s been active on social media, reaching an impressive 261K followers, earning herself the sought-after blue verification tick. We can see why, with the regular posting of ground-breaking tweets:

But young Dannielle has got her eyes on the prize, and will not stop there.

TMZ gave reported that the 14-year-old is now off ‘on tour’ where she will be lip-syncing and rapping to some of her favourite songs before taking a Q&A session with the audience. We aren’t sure whether we’d rather pay to see her on tour or play in traffic.

But then again, maybe we’re just jealous of the reported $50,000 Danielle will be paid per show. That’s nearly £40,000, more than many get for over two years of straight grafting at the 9-5.

Who would have thought such stardom could come from an appearance on Dr Phil. Love her or hate her, there aren’t many that wouldn’t bite your hand off to be paid such an extortionate amount, and you have to say fair play to the girl.

She’s received an insane amount of hate and abuse via the internet, but seems to take it in her stride and even work it to her advantage. One of her recent tweets sums it up quite well:

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