Daughter Discovers Starved Dogs Have Eaten Her Dead Parents Bodies

By NewsRoom24 on May 24th, 2017 / Views
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An elderly couple in their 70’s who died from natural causes at their farmhouse in Majorca, were eaten by their pet dogs after lying undiscovered for months. The couple’s seven pet dogs were starved of food due to their deaths, and had to resort to eating their owners remains inside the remote property.

Their daughter made the gruesome discovery, when she became concerned for their safety and decided to visit her parents for the first time since Christmas. It is believed that the man died first of natural causes, and then his wife who suffered from Alzheimer’s and relied on him for care, died a few days later.

Five of the dogs were found in a state of starvation, and another two dogs who were tied up, had died of hunger. The woman’s corpse had a number of severe bite marks all over it, whilst the man’s body had been completely eaten by the animals.

The married couple had lived in the rural farmhouse which was situated 3 miles from Majorca in Spain, for a number of years. Neighbours said that the couple did not mix with other people, and kept themselves very private.

The distraught daughter noticed the couples two cars still parked outside the farmhouse and saw the bodies of the dead dogs, before discovering her parents remains. She is currently receiving psychological attention.

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