New GOT Series 7 Trailer: Angry Dragons, Lesbian Kiss And Jon Snow Is In Trouble

By NewsRoom24 on May 25th, 2017 / Views
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Are you a fan of Game Of Thrones? If so, there’s not much longer for you to wait now until Series 7 is on our TV screens. But for those who can’t wait, Sky Atlantic have just released a brand new teaser trailer online, and as you can expect from the GOT franchise, it’s full of action, passion and down right evilness.

In the preview clip you get a glimpse of a mysterious bloody hand, two women kissing and plenty of dragons. The teaser trailer also features Jon Snow frantically running away from something in battle and Cersei plotting a victory over the enemies that surround her iron throne.

In another scene you get to see Melisandre reliving her first meeting with Jon Snow and Daenerys trying to figure out how she’s going to dominate the seven kingdoms.

Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys is on the path to power

It looks like the supernatural side of the show will have a major bearing on the storyline too, as in one clip you’ll see the appearance of a scabby, bloody hand clawing out of the darkness.

Game Of Thrones promises many more epic battles featuring dragons

Best of all, is that in series 7 of Game Of Thrones, we get to see an epic battle with The Night King’s forces and dragons at some point. The new series of Game of thrones kicks off on the 17th July at 9 PM on Sky Atlantic.

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