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Two Men Caught Stealing Flowers And Gifts From Manchester Bombing Memorial

By NewsRoom24 on June 1st, 2017 / Views
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A video has been posted online showing a furious dad confronting two men who had stole flowers and gifts from the memorial that was set up in tribute to the Manchester bombing victims.

In the footage you see Mark McNally confronting the two men and demanding that they return the stolen items, which included a boquet of flowers and a blue smurf toy back to their rightful place.

The 43-year-old father was walking home from his local pub in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester when he spotted the men walking away with the flowers and toy in their hands. The video shows the men sitting on a bench speaking to Mark as he tells them to put the items back.

Several others helped Mark confront the men, with one lad chasing them down as they walked away, and a woman can be heard on the video telling them off after they said that they didn’t know what the memorial was for.

Mark said: “There was a younger fella who chased them and managed to take the flowers off him.

“News about this tragedy has spread all over the world and everyone knows about it, so I don’t believe they didn’t know what they were doing.

“I know they were foreign nationals, but it’s very clear that it’s a memorial even though there was a language barrier.”

He said that as a father, he was horrified by the attack more than a week ago.

He said: “There is no instance when it would be okay to steal flowers from something like this.

“Even though they struggled to speak good English, I think they could understand what I was saying.

“We didn’t have a proper conversation but they said they liked the flowers and I presume they were taking them home or something.”

“It isn’t like they were vandals smashing up the flowers – they were stealing them.”

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