Easyjet Pilot Asks Passengers If They Should Carry On Flying After Engine Breaks Down

By NewsRoom24 on June 12th, 2017 / Views
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Passengers on a easyJet flight from Malaga to Bristol were left vomiting in fear and suffered panic attacks after the pilot came out of the cockpit and told them that one of the engines didn’t work, and then asked to see a show of hands for those that wanted to fly back to the UK.

All of the 150 passengers on board had already suffered 36 hours of delays before boarding the flight yesterday. They were eventually helped off the broken plane after most of the passengers voted to leave.

One passenger, who claimed he was sick when the announcement was made, said: “The pilot himself said he’d never heard or done anything like this in 37 years of flying.

“He gave us the option, asked us what he should do. He asked for a show of hands. There were some who just wanted to try it, they wanted to get home. But most didn’t.

“There were girls hyperventilating, lots of people were panicking.

“There were elderly people on there, and lots of children. The worst thing was we had to wait another hour or two before they would actually let us off the plane.”

Terri Hal said: “He said we could stay on the plane – we’d been on it waiting for an hour at this point and been in Malaga for two nights extra already – or he’d see if we would be allowed to get off again.

“At this point there was a bit of a mutiny on the plane – an awful lot of shouting and people crying, and demanding to get off. There was about 12 people wanted to stay on, but the rest of us wanted to get off.”

The flight was due to leave Malaga on Thursday but was delayed until Saturday, it eventually left the Spanish resort later that day with no further issues.

Some of the passengers on the flight have also said that the pilot did explain that one of the working engines could be shut off, so other the engine would be able to get enough pressure to start.

Original Article: The Sun

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