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Watch The Chilling Moment Cops Find A Sex Slave Chained To The Wall Of A Shipping Container

By NewsRoom24 on June 12th, 2017 / Views
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Body cam footage shows the moment police discover a female sex slave who is chained by her arms and neck to the walls of a makeshift prison, after hearing her desperate screams coming from a shipping container.

The woman who is now known as 30-year-old Kala Brown was repeatedly raped on a daily basis by serial killer Todd Kohlhepp for two months. The discovery of the female came about after South Carolina police had come across three dead bodies nearby.

In the video you can hear offices trying to reassure the woman, with one officer saying “we’re going to get you out of there” and “you’re okay, we’re here”.

Investigators were at the serial killers property on November 3 last year to search for Miss Brown and her 32-year-old boyfriend. The couple had been missing for two months, and mobile phone records pinpointed her in that area.

When she is asked about her boyfriend Charlie Carver, who Kohlhepp also kidnapped, she calmly says: “Todd Kohlhepp shot Charlie Carver three times in the chest, wrapped him in a blue tarp, put him in the bucket of the tractor, locked me down here.

“I’ve never seen him again. He says he’s dead and buried. He says there are several bodies dead and buried out here.”


The serial killer,Todd Kohlhepp, pleaded guilty to 7 counts of murder so he could escape the death penalty, he also pleaded guilty to raping Brown and was sentenced to life in prison.

Ms Brown visited the house with her boyfriend after responding to an advert in the local paper for a cleaning job. When they arrived at the property, Kohlhepp shot Ms Brown’s boyfriend dead and chained her up in a storage container where he raped her on a daily basis.

After Miss Brown was rescued, investigators discovered Mr Carver’s body in a shallow grave, with the remains of two other people which are believed to be a married couple. The serial killer had also confessed to Miss Brown that he had murdered another four people at a motorcycle shop – murders that were unsolved for 13 years

According to the terms of the plea agreement signed by the Kohlhepp, 46, last month, he will serve seven consecutive life terms plus 60 years on kidnapping, sexual assault and other charges.

He will not be eligible for parole, and he has agreed not to appeal the sentence.

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