Labourer Goes All Kung Fu On Security Guard After Walking Off A Job

Mobile phone footage has been posted online which shows a labourer karate kick a security guard after he walked out of a job and was branded “f****ing scum”.

In the video you will see a security guard attempt to stop a van which was being driven away from a job in Normanton, West Yorkshire. The security guard shouts:

“You’re f***ing here to do a job for me, you’re walking off my job.

“I pay your wages. You assault a customer, you are f***ing scum.”

He then punches the van and shouts “assault on CCTV” as he tries to stop the labourer from leaving the scene. As he goes to leave, the driver of the van jumps out and karate kicks the security guard and tries to wrestle him in a headlock.

The van driver who is wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket and trousers can be heard saying:

“I’m going to kill you, leave my van.”

The security guard replies: “You’re going nowhere.

“You’ve assaulted me three f***ing times, you are f*****.”

Since the footage has been posted online, it has been viewed more than 57,000 times.

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