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Lily Allen Questions Why The Death Toll Of Grenfell Tower Fire Is Being Played Down

By NewsRoom24 on June 16th, 2017 / Views
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According to the singer Lily Allen, police and fire crews have told her ‘off the record’ that the current death toll of the Grenfell Tower fire is closer to 150, with most of those deaths being children. The shocking claim was filmed on camera during a channel 4 interview, with the singer also raising concerns as to why the authorities are ‘covering up’ and being dishonest. She said:

“If we are talking about bringing reality into these people’s lives, I think what people would really like is a more honest count of how many people have actually died in this event, how many people have been killed.

“I feel like the government are trying to micro manage people’s grieving here.

“I have never in my entire life seen an event like this were the death count has been downplayed by the mainstream media.

“Seventeen? I’m sorry but I am hearing from people the figure is much closer to 150 – and that many of those people are children.

“They are off-the-record numbers I have been given from policemen and from firemen.”

Presenter Jon Snow tried to interject and explain it was a difficult task to identify remains and the media was warning the death toll was expected to be far higher.

Allen responded: “Why is that not coming out now? I don’t understand.” – The interview then ends.

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