Theresa May Barricaded Inside Church As Grenfell Fire Survivors Brand Her A ‘Murderer And ‘Coward’

By NewsRoom24 on June 16th, 2017 / Views
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Theresa May was jeered tonight by an angry crowd after she met survivors of the Grenfell inferno but failed to address people demanding a response to the devastating fire.

The Prime Minister was barricaded inside the St Clement’s Church for around 30 minutes as she bowed to pressure to return to the scene 24 hours after a bungled visit saw her swerve local residents.

But anger outside the church boiled over as word spread Mrs May was inside. The front door had been left ajar as the meeting began but was closed and guarded by police as the crowd grew quickly.

As the disastrous encounter escalated, officers bundled the ailing PM out of the church’s side entrance following her private meeting with people inside.

In the end the Prime Minister was exposed to the public’s rage for only a matter of seconds before being put into her government Land Rover.

The car was surrounded, hit and pursued as the PM was driven away in dramatic scenes in West London tonight.

An angry protestor shouted: ‘What is she doing here? She’s going back to her nice cosy home.

‘Why has she come only on Friday? Get the f*** out.’

Other people screamed ‘murderer’, ‘shame on you’ and ‘coward’ at the Prime Minister as she abandoned the meeting to return to the security of Downing Street.

In an effort to ease the criticism, Mrs May has announced a £5million support package of the victims of the blaze, which will include legal aid for victims in the public inquiry.

Today’s visit was planned after 24 hours of increasingly angry condemnation at her failure to comfort victims of the fire.

Her failure to address the crowd will fuel angry complaints she is failing to comfort the victims of the blaze or comprehend the scale of the disaster.

The crowed outside the church grew rapidly as word spread Mrs May was inside, prompting the main entrance to be closed and guarded by police.

Mrs May provoked outrage by carrying out a private visit to the site yesterday where she thanked heroic emergency service staff but swerved contact with residents.

At this afternoon’s church visit, sources said the PM met survivors from the tower as well community leaders and other local residents.

Oroginal Article: Daily Mail

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