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Giant Shark Spotted Off Cornwall Coast Swimming Close To Kids Playing In Sea

By NewsRoom24 on June 19th, 2017 / Views
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A shark has been spotted swimming in the sea close to where youngsters were playing in the shallows off Smeaton’s pier in St Ives, Cornwall on Saturday lunchtime.

In the footage that has been shared online you can clearly see the shape and the fins of the Porbeagle shark close to where a group of youngsters were jumping into the water.

Colin Walker, maritime assistant at St Ives Harbour confirmed it was a porbeagle.

“We hardly ever see them here, let alone so close in but there were also a number of dolphins in the water on the same day.

“It was an amazing sight but there was no-one in the water at the time because the tide was out.”

A porbeagle is a large, streamlined mackerel shark with a powerful body the Shark Trust said.

The sharks are usually less than 10ft in size.

Porbeagles are related to notorious great whites but are renowned for their inquisitiveness and are not a threat to humans said the Shark Trust.

Hollie and Tristan Campion were out and about when they saw the creature on Saturday.

The couple say it came right into Smeaton’s Pier and reckon it was about six-foot long.

They managed to capture the magical moment on camera in what looks like a tropical paradise.

Hollie said: “We were in St Ives on Saturday watching the gig rowing and having a wander round, we went over to Smeaton’s Pier and sae the shark in the water.

“There were a lot of kids doing pier jumping and they shouted ‘there’s a shark, there’s a shark’ and we thought they were joking but we went over to have a look and it came right in a couple of metres away from the pier.

“It was so slow and slinky through the water, it came in and went away then came back in again, it was amazing.

“I feel really privileged, you just don’t see anything like that, I’d never seen a shark before.

“We think it was about five or six feet, no idea what kind of shark it was but I don’t think it was a basking shark as it didn’t have the right nose for it.

“My husband was amazed, he’s been swimming with basking sharks before but thought this was absolutely amazing.”

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