British Woman Who Ran Off To Join ISIS Is Now Crying & Begging To Come Back Home

By NewsRoom24 on July 4th, 2017 / Views
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British jihadist Sally Jones wants to come home from war-torn Syria after becoming a leading recruitment officer for evil death cult ISIS, it has been claimed.

Jones, a former punk rocker who has earned the moniker ‘Mrs Terror’ and even took her young son to war-torn Raqqa, is now reportedly desperate to flee.

Speaking to Sky News, the wife of another ISIS immigrant, named Aisha, said she had met just one Brit – “Umma Hussain al Britani” – the name adopted by Sally Jones.

Aisha, who is now living in a Kurdish refugee camp in Syria, said: “She lost her husband in a battle last year. She has one boy.”

Fifty-year-old Jones’ husband Junaid Hussain died in 2015 aged 21 in a devastating US drone strike.

Her son Jojo Jones, now aged 12, has been brainwashed and is believed to have been forced to carry out the executions of prisoners.

Aisha, whose husband was an antiques dealer who travelled from Morocco to Syria to buy stolen antiquities from the terror group, said Jones is being held against her will in the so-called caliphate.

She said: “She was crying and wants to get back to Britain but ISIS is preventing her because she is now a military wife. She told me she wish to go to her country.”

The 50-year-old mum-of-two is originally from Kent but is now the most wanted woman in the world after climbing to the top of the CIA assassination list.

Jones, whose former husband Hussain was a computer hacker from Birmingham, reportedly acts as the death cult’s chief of digital jihad.

She is believed to have enticed scores of would-be European jihadis to join the self-declared caliphate through her influential recruitment network called the “Raqqa 12”.

Jones even reportedly plotted to assassinate the Queen during 2015’s VJ Day celebrations in London.

Separately, she published more than 1,300 names of US personnel – many of whom were serving at UK air bases – that her husband had hacked.

It is claimed that the Brit extremist never travels without son Jojo to ward off assassination bids from the air, with the US fearing a huge backlash if it killed her young boy.

Last year, chilling footage emerged of a young brainwashed western lad taking part in the execution of Kurdish fighters.

Jojo, believed to be the blue-eyed child carrying out the brutal murder, was only ten when he arrived in the caliphate in 2013.

The boy’s British father has spoken out over the brain-washing of his son, saying: “I have had to block it out.

“It’s been hard, we just have to carry on. It’s disgusting he’s been brainwashed.”

Jojo’s grandfather Terry Lynch said he is riddled with guilt and believes the little boy is a lost soul.

He says taking drugs turned stepdaughter Sally Jones, JoJo’s mum, into an ISIS nut and he does not care if she dies.

Terry spoke of his horror at seeing footage of the lad clutching a gun. He said: “I couldn’t believe it, I feel so sad. That is a wasted life. His life is ­finished.

“There is no way he can come back to the normal world. It’s terrible. Unbelievable. I feel really guilty because the boy used to say to me, ‘Grandad, can I stay with you?’

He said of his stepdaughter: “The sooner they blow her up the better. She’s a nutter and so selfish. She’s hurt everybody and screwed them all up.”

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