Charlie Gard’s Parents Beg Judges To Let Them Give Him Miracle Treatment

By NewsRoom24 on July 10th, 2017 / Views
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The parents of Charlie Gard have spoken ahead of a High Court hearing and begged judges to give them the go ahead for him to be given miracle treatment in the US, insisting “we don’t want him in the ground, we want him riding a bike”.

Connie Yates and Chris Gard are due to attend the High Court hearing to go through new information, after judges previously blocked a trip to the US for life-saving treatment.

Charlie’s parents believe that there is nothing to lose by giving their son one last shot of life, and receive nucleoside bypass therapy, which is believed to be a miracle cure for the child’s rare brain condition.

Connie, 31, said: “I absolutely believe this medication will work. I’m not a doctor but I feel like I am an expert in his condition now.”

She said that when the same medicine was given to a little girl in Spain in a similar condition to Charlie, it achieved remarkable results.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper Connie went on to say:

“There’s 18 children currently on this medication, they’re all getting stronger, they’re all getting better. It’s a miracle what happens.

“One girl was on a ventilator and a year later she was riding a bike.

“We’ve got those pictures, it’s very hard for us to see a child who was the same as Charlie and a year later riding a bike.

“We don’t want him to be in the ground, we want him to be riding a bike.”

Dad Chris, 33, added: “We’re not strong people, but what is strong is the love for our little boy. He’s kept us going through all this.”

He insisted that the “miracle” medication could cure his baby boy.

“Everyone is very negative about what this medicine can achieve and if it can work,” he told The Sun.

“No one knows what it can achieve – it could perform miracles.

“But if it doesn’t work then we will let him go.”

The parents joined members of ‘Charlie’s army’today to hand over a petition to Great Ormond Street Hospital vowing: “If he’s still fighting, we’re still fighting”.

They also thanked everyone who supported them during the legal battle and praised Great Ormond Street Hospital for the wonderful work that they have done, and stated that the 10% chance of treatment working is a chance worth taking.

The emotional pair added: “He’s our flesh and blood, we feel it’s our right as parents to decide if we should give him a chance at life.

“There’s nothing to lose, he deserves a chance.

“He deserves this chance at last, and hopefully he’ll get it.

“We must need get Charlie the treatment he needs.

“If he’s still fighting, we’re still fighting.”

Charlie’s parents were also joined by the Rev Patrick Mahoney who sat and prayed at the child’s bedside. The family support has been boosted the past week after Pres Donald Trump got behind the lengthy battle, and offered to fly the boy to America.

But Justice Secretary David Lidington has told the parents that the government has no role to play in this case.

Mr Lidington told Sky News’ Ridge On Sunday: “As ministers and as a Government we have no role to play in the Charlie Gard case, as would be the case in any other proceeding in court.”

Mr Lidington added: “I do not envy the judges who are having to take decisions on this.

“It must be incredibly pressured – probably emotional, under the judicial professionalism, a really emotional, heart-wrenching case for them to have to decide.

“But they are independent, they know their duty is to decide the case on the basis of what they genuinely consider to be in the best interests of Charlie himself.”

Great Ormond Street Hospital has applied to the High Court for a fresh hearing over “claims of new evidence relating to potential treatment”.

Connie said: “Today is the first hearing and there’ll be another later on the week.

“That’ll be the scary one or the day we get the result, so we’ve got to stay hopeful and hope that the judge listens to these seven experts we have now who say this has a chance of working for Charlie.

“They all agree that he should have this opportunity, we agree he should have this opportunity and all our supporters do as well, I just hope we get this chance.”

The family tweeted a message of hope to their growing army of supporters following news of the breakthrough.

“A HUGE thank you to all you out there supporting and sharing Charlie’s story!” they said.

“Please keep going! The fight is not over!!!!”

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