Is This Mom Right To Pierce Her Daughters Ears At Such An Early Age?

By NewsRoom24 on July 12th, 2017 / Views
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A video of a baby getting her ears pierced has sparked fierce debate online.

The short clip shows a tot being held by her mother as the procedure takes place, before wailing when the piercing gun punctures her lobe.

While the baby seems at ease when she first meets the piercer, she appears to get increasingly distressed throughout the process.

She looks confused as the salon place marker dots on her ears, but is comforted by her mum.

After the piercing gun does its job, the startled tot cries out as staff do their best to calm her down.

The video has been causing a stir since it was uploaded to the Piercings Facebook page earlier this month.

More than 12,000 people have given their opinion on the controversial footage, which has been viewed over 3.6 million times.

The vast majority of parents have slammed the woman in the video for putting her daughter through the minor cosmetic procedure.

One Facebook user remarked: “Omg the poor baby, this made me really sad and angry.

“All done for the sake of the parents, should be an age limit to stop this from happening.”

Another agreed that it “shouldn’t be allowed”, while one viewer even insisted it was “child abuse”.

Although the response to the video has been almost completely negative, not everyone disagrees with piercing the ears of babies.

One Facebook user insisted: “This isn’t even a f****** big deal people get over yourself she’s not torturing the baby…

“If she doesn’t want it when she’s older she can take them out.”

Another added: “I’m glad my mum had mine done lol I think it would’ve been worse if I’d had them done older and remembered the pain.”

Two mums recently debated where or not it’s acceptable to get your baby’s ears pierced.

While one parents slammed the ‘risky’ procedure, the other is proud her daughter had earrings from six months old.

Over the past two years, a petition calling on the Minister of Children, Edward Timpson, to ban ear piercing for babies/toddlers has attracted signatures from 84,000 people.

Amanda Holden also recently addressed the Kourtney Kardashian controversy over four-year-old daughter Penelope’s lip ring.

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