Vinnie Jones Posts Image Online Of 100 Dead Foxes That He Helped Kill

By NewsRoom24 on July 24th, 2017 / Views
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VINNIE Jones has claimed he was hacked after a picture was posted online showing 100 foxes it was claimed he had shot, sparking outrage.

An image of a huge pile of carcasses laid out on the ground was tweeted from the 52-year-old’s official account.

Next to the snap was the message: “A real night lamping #foxes anyone beat this?”

Animal lovers reacted to the tweet with fury, slamming the Hollywood hardman for carrying out the “massacre”.

One wrote: “Beyond despicable: ex-footballer Vinnie Jones revels in killing foxes for fun. What kind of example is he setting??”

Another said: “One sick man! Vinnie Jones is a bully and a murderer! Call yourself a man?

“Picking on innocent Foxes? Bet it made you feel tough eh? #BULLY”

And a third tweeted: “Disgusted is an understatement @VinnieJones65. Senseless & cowardly #foxes #AnimalCruelty”

But the tweet has since been deleted.

And Jones has now taken to Twitter to claim his account was hacked and he was not the one who sent the picture.

He wrote: “I have just woke to see these tweets with fox pics , this is a hack ive never seen this pic in my life and did NOT tweet it is a HACK !!!!!”

Jones is a keen hunter who has featuring in Shooting UK, speaking about his love of the sport.

He told the magazine: “I love pigeon shooting — building the hide, putting the decoys out.

“Lamping is probably my favourite. I’ve spent a lot of money on customising my Land Rover for lamping.

“If the farmer has a fox problem I love going out and dealing with it for him.”

He added: “My perfect day would be to get up early, get the hide out, shoot pigeons all day, bagging 200, then go lamping all night and get half-a-dozen foxes.”

Article SOurce: The Sun

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