12 Yr Old Schoolgirl Took Her Own Life After Bully Asked Her ‘Why Don’t You Kill Yourself?’

By NewsRoom24 on August 3rd, 2017 / Views
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A 12-year-old schoolgirl took her own life after months of bullying, say her parents.

Mallory Grossman, of New Jersey, endured a campaign of hate starting last October by a group of girls at her school in Rockaway Township, which her parents are now suing.

The bullying came to a head when one girl told Mallory: ‘Why don’t you kill yourself?’

Her mom, Dianne, told NBC her daughter would complain of ‘the dirty looks and the constant harassment and the name-calling and the cold shoulder, the exclusion’.

The family told the school about the bullying, but they say staff did little to help. Now they’re taking legal action against the school district and are considering doing the same for parents of the bullies.

In the lead up to her death, Mallory had been sent Snapchat messages from the girls on school grounds.

Dianne confronted one of girl’s moms the night before Mallory took her own life. She said: ‘She just thought that it was a big joke and it was funny and that I was overreacting. Clearly I wasn’t.’

She said Mallory will be remembered as the ‘all-American, little girl’, and she plans to ‘move mountains in her name and in he honor’.

Speaking about action against the school, her husband, Seth, added: ‘There needs to be accountability, so this doesn’t happen again… they seem to almost sweep it under the rug.’

Bruce Nagel, the family’s attorney, said the message that were sent to Mallory on social media were ‘vile and malicious’.

He said: ‘For months, she was told she’s a loser, she had no friends. And finally, she was even told: ‘Why don’t you kill yourself?”‘

Talking about the school, he continued: ‘They were told, they stuck their head in the sand, and they ignored month after months of complaints.

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