Student Gets Offered Rent Free Accommodation Providing She Lets Landlord ‘Lick Her Feet’

By NewsRoom24 on August 3rd, 2017 / Views
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Edinburgh student Erin Clark thought her prayers had been answered when she was offered a studio flat ahead of the start of a new term in Paris.

The 19-year-old had been desperately searching for accommodation in the French capital ahead of the start of a placement at the Paris Institute of Political Studies in August.

But her suspicions that it was too good to be true proved to be right when she received a load of extremely creepy messages of her prospective landlord.

The student had initially told her mum she had found somewhere to stay after being approached by a landlord called ‘Francisco’ on a Parisien accommodation page.

The conversation began promisingly enough, with the Frenchman asking: ‘Hi, are you still looking for a room?’

Delighted she may have found somewhere, Erin replied: ‘I am! Are you looking or offering?’

After confirming he had a bunk for the Scottish student, Erin asked for more information: ‘Amazing! What are the details of the flat? My search isn’t going too well so far haha’

Writing back with the basic details of the flat, Francisco said: ‘So, it’s a big studio flat with two beds, kitchen, toilets, a big wardrobe and a balcony, it’s a big studio flat but for sharing, but there are two beds.’

However, things began to take a creepy turn when Francisco replied: ‘I’m gonna live there too.

‘But I explain you conditions, I’m submissive and I’ve got a foot fetish, so it would be free in term of money, but I’m asking for two services, licking your feet sometimes.

‘And then, I wear a chasity device, you might wear the key of the chastity in a bracelet, so I’m not looking for sex, I’ve got the device.
‘Would you be interested? Are you fine with the conditions?’

After reading his requests, Erin took to Twitter to share her experiences under a post titled ‘Flat hunting in Paris is going really well thanks for asking!’

Erin later wrote under the tweet: ‘I’ve placed him in the ‘my course starts in two days and I’m homeless’ pile.

‘I’ve lost my flat keys 4 times since September alone Francisco son, it is not me you are wanting.’

She added yesterday: ‘I thought it was like so convenient and almost too perfect when he was offering a room.

‘I told my mum I’d finally found somewhere and then received the foot message and had to tell her it was like a bad area and not suitable.’

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