Teacher Gets Fired For Posting Video Of Colleague Violently Caning Schoolkids

By NewsRoom24 on August 8th, 2017 / Views
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A teacher has exposed their headmaster for appearing to violently beat children at a school in India.

The whistleblower posted the footage online after seeing the beating at a convent school in Fafamau city, eastern India.

The video, shot by PE teacher Ashish Twiari, shows pupils cowering and wincing in pain as the scream while being caned.

Further footage shows them being hit on their hands and fingers in punishment that left some fainting.

It is also said that the beatings were so hard that the cane broke at one point.

However, when parents complained to the local authorities they are said to have faced pressure from the school, police and local authorities to withdraw their complaints.

The teacher said that pupils were ‘regularly beaten on the pretext of instilling discipline in them’.

He has lost his job as a result of posting the video online and is now taking action against the authorities and the school.

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