Man Filmed Kicking His Terrified Dog In The Face In Broad Daylight

By NewsRoom24 on August 17th, 2017 / Views
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A man was filmed kicking his terrified dog in its face in broad daylight on a busy street.

The shocking incident, which was filmed by a passerby, happened outside a Tesco in Toxeth, Liverpool, at 6pm yesterday afternoon.

Footage shows the man kicking the small brown and white dog in its face as he walks it on a lead.

Because of the force used, the small dog is thrown in the air in front of shockers passersby, who then confront the owner.

he dog can be seen flinching as its owner responds angrily to the members of public.

A witness, who saw blood coming from the injured dog after it was kicked, told the Liverpool Echo: ‘I was walking up with my earphones in when I saw a man rag his dog off the bus, he was booting it in the side and from behind.

The dog looked terrified and was trying to escape from him, he was yanking the lead up and volleying the poor dog in the face, by this point there was blood all over the floor.

‘I thought it was one kick away from falling to the floor and dying, at that point everyone ran over confronting the man screaming at him.’

The witness also shared footage and pictures of the attack on Facebook, writing: ‘Anyone know who this scumbag is, volleying his dog up and down Park Road, leaving blood all over the dog and all up the road.

‘He’s roughly around 50-60 years old.’

Anthony Joynes, an RSPCA Inspector, said: ‘We are aware of a video circulating on Facebook of a male attacking a small Jack Russell dog in the street leaving blood along the floor.

‘This cowardly & violent behaviour is appalling and a completely unacceptable way to treat a dog. We urgently want to check on the welfare of this dog.

‘Anyone who recognises the male should immediately call ourselves on 03001234999.’

Police are now on the hunt for the man are investigating alongside the RSPCA.

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