Child Brandishing Knife Demands To Have A Go On Scooter

By NewsRoom24 on August 22nd, 2017 / Views
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A knife-wielding topless seven-year-old screamed ‘give me a go’ as he demanded a group of teenagers let him use their scooter, video posted to Instagram shows.

He is seen waving the blade, as long as his forearm, at the group in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire – a town that has been trying to move a community of travellers.

The angry lad screams ‘give me a go’ a second time but his efforts are laughed off by the group of teens.

One says: ‘No go away, this is what you do, you come here and you just try to hurt everyone.

‘P*** off, this is going to the feds by the way.’

Hearing he’s being recorded, the boy appears to try to hide the knife behind his back before screaming frustratedly and running off.

The person filming then says: ‘That’s it, run away, run away… buy a t-shirt blud.’

It comes as a group of traveler families took over playing fields in the town. The council expected them to be evicted today.

According to the Cambridge News the families in the playing fields were same as those who had been in Back Lane since Thursday August 17. Prior to that they were evicted from sites in Stapleford and Fulbourn.

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