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Watch Islamic Terror Cell Blow Themselves Up After Being Surrounded By Special Forces

By NewsRoom24 on August 24th, 2017 / Views
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An Islamist terrorist cell have blown themselves up after being surrounded by special forces.

The gang of Muslim radicals were being hunted by the secret services in connection with the attempted murder of police officers.

Cops tracked the four extremists to a house in the village of Psedach in south western Russia’s Republic of Ingushetia.

Federal Security Service operatives ordered them to surrender and give themselves up.

But rather than be captured the extremists began shooting at the officers, who returned fire.

Specialist troops fired rifles, machine guns and mortars at the property.


Realising the game was up the militants then decided to blow themselves up rather than be captured.

A video shows how the huge explosion from their suicide bombs ripped the roof off the little cottage.

No one else was injured in the blast, which was captured in footage taken by Russian national anti-terrorism committee.

An unnamed Federal Security Service source said: “They were given an opportunity to give themselves up and to stay alive.

“They blew themselves up, committing suicide – which is forbidden in Islam.”

The terrorists were believed to be members of the Khunzakh militant group.

Two of them, Bekhan Soltukiev, 34 and Mikhail Cherbizhev, 31 were wanted for a series of attacks on police officers.

The special services identified the third man who died in the blast as Khasan Khatsiev.

They have yet to release the identity of the fourth man killed in the explosion, which completely destroyed the building.

Last weekend a man armed with a knife went on a rampage attacking passers-by in a Russian city centre in an attack claimed by ISIS.

The knifeman believed to have been wearing a ‘fake suicide belt’ has been reported as Artur Gadzhiev, 19, from Dagestan in the Caucasus region.

ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attack, the terror group’s AMAQ news agency said.

The attacker is believed to have been shot dead by police who arrived at the scene in Surgut after the incident was reported by witnesses.

Eight people have been injured during the knife attacks said to have happened in broad daylight, at around 11.20am local time.

Russian law enforcement said they had killed the attacker and are investigating the incident as attempted murder.

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