Mom Refuses To Teach Her Child To Read Saying ‘ He Has Better Things To Do’

By NewsRoom24 on August 25th, 2017 / Views
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A MUM has decided to NOT teach her son to read – claiming he is “busy learning other things like Lego and how to queue up for a bag of sweets”.

The incredible claim – made by American comedian Crystal Lowery – has sparked a huge debate on Facebook with her honest explanation of why she is letting her son start school totally illiterate.

In a rambling post, Crystal claims that her son is “learning to exercise” as well developing other important character traits including understanding “ecosystems and flora and fauna”, knowing how to apologise and having respect for his belongings.

Crystal states: “I’m not teaching my 5-year-old how to read.

“But we’re not teaching him how to read. Not just yet. He’s too busy learning other things.

“He’s learning how to be a good sport–how to wait his turn in Candy Land and not gloat when he makes it to the King’s Ice Cream Castle before his sister does.

“He’s learning how to build. From blocks, to sticks, to Legos, he feels the weight of the different materials in his little sausage fingers, and examines the physical integrity of the various structures he has made.

“He’s learning how to exercise. He chases the dog, plays tag, climbs on playground equipment, dances (well), and practices karate (poorly). He’s going to need his body for a long time, so he builds his muscles through activity instead of sitting at a desk all day.

“He’s learning how to take care of his things. Through trial and error (oh, so much error!) he has seen what happens when he leaves a book out in the rain, or a lump of Play Doh on the table overnight.

“He’s learning that you can’t rough house with an 8lb Pekingese.”

The post explains that the first five years of her son’s life hasn’t been just about building physical strength, but also developing a strong character.

Crystal continues: “He’s learning how to be creative. How to draw his own picture books full of monsters, and how to construct an imaginary spaceship with Amazon boxes.

“He’s learning about ecosystems. He looks at bugs, flowers, and thunderstorms. He sees how fauna and flora inhabit the world together interdependently.

The American mum made the surprising revelation on Facebook

“He’s learning that the key to happiness is to focus on his blessings rather than complaining about what he doesn’t have.

“He’s learning how to apologize. To overcome his own hurt feelings and to empathize with other kids when there’s been a confrontation.

“He’s learning how to forgive. To understand that everyone makes mistakes, and that he can love other people despite their foibles.

“He’s learning important lessons every day.

“But he’s not learning how to read.”

Crystal seems to think that there are hundreds of things more valuable than reading and writing, and she is proud that her son has conquered all of them.

She added: “There is so much our children learn that cannot be measured with a standardized test.

“And though someday his hours will be filled with phonics, and penmanship, and fractions, we aren’t worried about all that today.

“Today he has more important things to learn.”

Crystal’s unusual approach to parenting has understandably raised a lot of eyebrows.

One bemused Facebook user wrote: “Why can’t he learn to read and still do all of that?”

Another said: “I managed to teach my daughter all of that and she could read basic books like Winnie The Pooh fluently by the age of four. Reading opens the way to so many things!”

Others blamed the school system for standardising tests and sapping the fun out of reading for children.

But while there were plenty of critics, some people did agree with her way of thinking.

One said: “Today people are destroying their children, trying to force them to be educated and placing stress that doesn’t need to be placed on a five year old. You are a great parent.

“If you’re happy with your child emotional and social development, your child is living your dream. He will be a well adjusted 5 year old.”

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