‘Off The Grid’ Family Who Let Their Daughter Pee Live On This Morning Studio Floor Are Being Evicted From Home

By NewsRoom24 on September 13th, 2017 / Views
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The ‘off’-grid dad’ whose daughter urinated on the This Morning studio floor has reportedly vowed his family will continue their “wild existence” after being evicted.

Adele Allen, 32, and Matt, 33, claimed they were being turfed out of their flat because of neighbours’ complaints about a ‘wet buggy’.

Speaking from the family’s one-bedroom home, Matt told The Sun Online : “You get delivered an eviction, so you turn round and go ‘okay, I’m being evicted, now what do I do next?’ and that’s essentially the only thing that concerns us now.

“Wherever the wind takes us, our wild existence will continue to be.

“There’s no two ways about it. We will probably p**s somebody else off in the future, but equally we will inspire others.”

In a Facebook post, Adele said: “So we are being evicted due to certain resident’s concerns over their insurance and our pushchair occasionally drying out in the hallway so it doesn’t cause damp in our small flat…. the line here about insurance rings so true in this incidence.”

The line she referred to was a quote from a statement about anarchy: “How do you get them to buy insurance? By making them worry about everything.”

In an interview with the news site, Matt refused to believe that the family had had any problems with their neighbours in the six years they lived at the property in Brighton.

He said that those who knew the family didn’t have an issue. But others had spoken out about the parents after their appearance on the ITV morning show in July.

Matt said that having a ‘public profile’ caused people to jump to conclusions and confirmed the family would be moving elsewhere.

The Allens have a vision of family life they call ‘off-grid parenting’.

The children have no routine, vaccinations, doctors, dentists, medicine formal schooling, financial security, car, naughty step, TV, toys or suncream.

What they do have is breastfeeding on demand until they decide they want to stop.

Matt insisted that the eviction was ‘nothing to do with what had happened in the past’ and said he was not going to play the victim.

He added that the family will not change their lifestyle.

Neighbours of the Allens said they did not see a problem with the way the couple have chosen to raise their children.

Psychiatric nurse Robert Rawat, 66, lives just a few doors down the street from their home.

He said: “Variety is the spice of life. I see them and say hello. I see the kids playing in the garden.

“I come across all kinds of people. Live and let live.”

Losing their home means that their dream to move to Costa Rica to live off the land becomes more than a back-up plan – it’s a viable option.

Last summer the family created a Go Fund Me page asking strangers for £100,000 so they could relocate to the Central American country and live off the land. So far, they’ve raised £47.

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