Furious Mom Stabs Boyfriend Six Times After Finding Him On Top Of Her Twelve Year Old Daughter

By NewsRoom24 on September 15th, 2017 / Views
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A mom repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend after finding him naked on top of her daughter, according to police reports.

The woman flew into a fit of rage after finding her lover in the compromising position with her 12-year-old child in Cleveland, Ohio.

Her 31-year-old boyfriend was knifed five times in the chest and once in the back of the head.

Neither the man nor the woman has been charged in connection with the incident which occurred in the Stockyards area of the city, reports

Cops went to the home around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday after the woman went outside and screamed for help.

She called police saying that “her boyfriend tried touching her daughter and she stabbed him,”.

The man told cops his girlfriend may have attacked him because she thought her 12-year-old daughter had feelings for him, but didn’t offer any more details about the incident.

The report shows that the woman and her daughter gave a different account of what happened.

She told police that as she headed to bed she spotted her boyfriend naked on top of the girl.

The report states: “In a fit of rage, (she) grabbed her pocket knife and attacked him.

“The pair struggled over the knife as they fought.

“The man grabbed the woman by the neck, threw her against the wall, and later kicked down the front door after she pushed him outside.”

The woman and her daughter suffered cuts to their hands as the struggle ensued.

In a police interview, the girl told investigators that the man touched her under her clothing, removed her pants and then stripped off his clothes.

She adde that the man told her “this is what it is like in the real world when you have a boyfriend,” before sexually assaulting her.

The girl then underwent a sexual assault examination at a local hospital.

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