Meet The Mom Who Is Deciding Whether Or Not To Buy Her Kids Any Christmas Presents This Year Because They ‘Clutter Up The Home’

By NewsRoom24 on September 17th, 2017 / Views
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A mum who is considering not giving her kids toys for Christmas has been accused of sucking the fun out of the holiday.

The mum, who hasn’t been named but posted on Mumsnet as CallMeMaybeee, complained that extra toys could cause clutter in her house.

All of her daughters toys, she wrote, get cleared out by her every now and then, and are always tidied up and ‘out of sight’ in time for bedtime.

‘Having recently done a clear out, I just can’t see how either of them will benefit from getting more toys,’ she wrote.

But many people were shocked – suggesting that she needs to prioritise her daughters’ happiness on Christmas over having a tidy home.

She wrote: ‘I have two girls, 3 and 1.5. They have lovely bedrooms, nothing fancy or extravagant but I’ve tried to make them nice places for them to sleep. A couple of storage units with toys in, a dress up area, lots of books and some jigsaw puzzles. At the end of the day, we tidy up the toys and then the toys are out of sight ready for bedtime.

‘They don’t have millions of toys, I’d say just the right amount. Purely because I clear them out now & again and give the excess to charity. Having recently done a clear out, I just can’t see how either of them will benefit from getting more toys. Countless relatives have been in touch asking what to get them and I’ve said I’ll have a think. The truth is, I don’t like the idea of their bedrooms and our living room overflowing without toys. They are well entertained with what they already have. I know my eldest would be devastated if she doesn’t get any toys from santa so I’ll no doubt go through the motions. I’ve tried telling relatives not to buy any cumbersome toys but I get the feeling that’s going on one ear and out the other.

‘Am I being cruel? Is the house being covered in toys just something I’ll have to get used to? Just to clarify, they do have plenty of toys. I have a large cupboard full and a couple of small storage units. They have a toy kitchen and all the accessories, they have toy cars, bikes, ride ons etc. I just don’t want to have one of those houses where you can’t move for toys. I’m also not keen on the idea of spoiling the kids and the already have what I would deem to be a more than sufficient amount.’

Other parents, in response, branded her ‘joyless and snobbish’.

‘I personally think Christmas is all about the toys for kids,’ one user, Sunnydaysrock, wrote. ‘There are a certain amount of years when your house will have a lot of toys, but it’s not forever.

‘At 13 and 9 we have no toys downstairs now. DS9s [Dear Son] room is full of Lego and King Kong toys, they’re out all the time as he play with them alot. Excessive amounts of toys is obviously senseless but kids remember the fab toys they get at Christmas, and do they really have to be tidied away every day?’

Another, silverbell64, added: ‘I don’t understand people that think their kids will be fine with nothing to open under the tree (or wherever else you put them).’

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