Paralysed Woman Told By Government She Has To Find Work & That They Are Cutting Her Benefits

By NewsRoom24 on September 18th, 2017 / Views
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A husband has posted a heartbreaking picture of his tetraplegic wife after claiming she has been forced to go to the Job Centre because the Government cut her benefits.

Vince Paul Rodger said Julie had been taken off employment and support allowance after he forgot to attend a meeting – so she was given a P45 and told to go work.

He posted a snap of Julie in a wheelchair on Facebook urging social media users to “share the life out of this”.

His wife was left tetraplegic, meaning she has partially or totally lost the use of all four limbs and torso, after her brain was starved of oxygen.

Vince wrote: “To all who know me and know my wife Julie, the Government have in their wisdom taken Julie off her employment and support allowance due to an oversight on my behalf and now has been given her P45 to start looking for a job/work.

“Julie is a tetraplegic due to hypoxic brain damage and can’t do anything for herself.

“Julie will be attending the job centre on Monday morning after the miracle worker has been and rid her of her disabilities.”

Vince said that he explained what had happened as soon as he realised they had missed the appointment.

But he got a reply to say that the reason was not good enough and Julie would no longer be receiving financial support.

A spokesman for the Department Work and Pensions said they were looking into the case.

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